Rent a Car in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, which is thousands of kilometers wide area, is known to the world by its famous fairy chimneys and hot-air balloons. Even its most popular areas are Goreme, Uchisar, Urgup and Avanos, there are different wandering places around them. Cappadocia rental car services are the cheapest and most comfortable way to discover this city. In this way, you can easily reach the places that are located out of the center.

Tour companies, air transportation or personal vehicle are some options for your trip to Cappadocia. However, if you like travel individually, you can plan your route and rental car so, you can enjoy your trip without choosing between the places you need to see and spend time as much as you want.

Cappadocia rental car prices vary according to the season but start at an average of 40 € for a day. You can start discovering this mystic city as soon as landing to Cappadocia by rental car. Thanks to airport rental car services your trip begins with joy at that moment. Nevsehir Cappadocia Airport is located 15 km away to city center. You can arrive Nevsehir city center by following Goreme-Uchisar road in 30 minutes.

When you arrive at the Airport, your car will already be ready to show you this unique city.  As you can rental car at the airport, you can rent from rental car agencies in Goreme, Uchisar or Urgup. You can rent the car with cheaper prices at local agencies instead of international rental car agencies. Cappadocia rental car prices depend on the car’s segment. Luxury cars are starts from 10€ to 40€ and are more expensive than economical cars.

Rental services are economical especially for big families or groups. Visitors prefer to rental car because it has many advantages compared to tour companies because tours have limited time to visit a place and you pay more for per person. Because Cappadocia is all season place to visit, especially for the special holiday dates you should set your rental services weeks ago. Same as the hotel reservations, rental cars options can run out quickly and that’s why you probably have a problem to find a car when you try to rent at the airport.

So, where will you travel comfortably with Cappadocia car rental? You can follow the route Uchisar, Goreme, Avanos and Urgup after leaving airport. Distance between Uchisar to Goreme is 5 km, Goreme to Urgup is 9 km and Urgup to Avanos is 14 km. If you choose your hotels in Goreme and Uchisar, which are dense for accommodation options, after check-in the hotels, you can begin to visit Uchisar Castle, Guvercinlik Valley, Peri Cave Café and the others. After your visit you can eat meal as a break and then you can continue with Goreme Open Air Museum, Love Valley and El Nazar Church and other beautiful places. Additionally, you can enjoy the scenery and nature of these places for hours. Next day, you can watch or experience the giant hot air balloons flying to the sky in the first light of the morning.

You can travel comfortably to some a bit far places than the central part of Cappadocia such as Soganli Valley and Sobesos Ancient City. You can have some advantages like to go wherever you want and take a break whenever you want.

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