Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tours and Horse Ranches in Cappadocia

Cappadocia means ‘Land of Beautiful Horses’ in Persian language and in there, the most popular activity which identify with this meaning perfectly is Cappadocia horseback riding tour or in other words horse riding. While galloping in this place decorated with fairy chimneys, you see the dust cloud, feel the freedom of the moment and leave horseshoe traces on the ground in this geographical place which have centuries since then.

Reservation : Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tours

Horseback riding tours is one of the main activities you can do in Cappadocia. Cappadocia , as a word, itself means the land of beautiful horses. Tours are done during day time and also sunset time is mainly preferred in Cappadocia. You can experience horseback riding tour with the best Horse Ranch of Goreme Cappadocia.

We can directly pick up from your hotel in Cappadocia for horseback riding tours.

The prices for horseback riding tours ,
1 Hour Horseback Riding tour : 25 Euros
2 Hour Horseback Riding Tour : 40 Euros
Sunset Horseback Riding Tour : 40 Euros

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Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tours

Since Cappadocia is one of the UNESCO World Heritage members discovering this special place with riding with horses is the best way to feel the mystical atmosphere.

Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tours

Horseback Riding in Cappadocia

Horseback riding tour in Cappadocia is the most effective activity to contribute tourism activities after 1980 in Cappadocia. Riding is one of the most popular activities for foreign tourists mainly from East and Europe, and local tourists and you don’t need to be experienced about riding horse to join Cappadocia horse discovering tour. Even if this will be your first time for riding, you will be ready discovering after short briefing in a professional horse ranch which is checked for safety measure regulary. Moreover, you can get your children ridden and enjoy discovering together.

The companies which organize horseback riding in cappadocia can do a little change about the route and propose you different kinds of packages but generally all of them follow the almost same route. Transfer services for taking from your hotels and leaving back to your hotels, professional training services for preparing to tour, insurances for protecting your safety, all equipment to ride horses and guide services are all inclusive for tour price.

Horse ranches will be the beginning stop of the tour. First, you choose your horse. While choosing your horse, you decide accordingly their docility references and their race which you like among Anatolian, English and Arabian horses. Horses are trained for these tours, so they do not move suddenly. While riding in valleys with the tour guide who called as ‘Local Cowboy’, you can feel like being a part of a western movie or a history documentary. Narrow pathway which is not possible to get into by cars, foothills by fairy chimneys and green villages seem like a film plateau. Whether summer or winter you can do sunset horseback riding in any season in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tours

We researched the Cappadocia horse ranches which rent a horse and organize a tour. If you are a traveler who wants to add new experiences into your life and feel deeply Cappadocia, you can prefer riding a special route which you decided to go instead of common routes.

Horse Ranches in Cappadocia

Horse Ranches in Cappadocia is preferred not only horse-riding tours but also for famous Cappadocia breakfast. Breakfast include totally organic and local products which are essentials especially for spring and summer seasons. After breakfast you go on an adventure with horse riding tour.

Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tours

Places to Visit with Horseback Riding in Cappadocia

Cappadocia valleys are suitable for riding by horse, so all companies include the most beautiful valleys in the route. Kılıçlar Valley, Love Valley, Meskendir Valley, Kızılçukur, Zemi and Güvercinlik Valley, Paşabağı, Çavuşin Village are parts of sunrise horseback riding tour which is full of both natural beauties and beautiful fairy chimneys in Cappadocia. Duration of sunset horseback riding tours begins from 2 hour.

Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tours

Cappadocia Horse Riding Tours Prices

Cappadocia horse ranches offer price for an hour tour among 25€ and it continues increasingly, and prices can be in Euro currency sometimes. Most preferred Sunset Tour Prices are around 40€ .

**Guests over 100 kilos cannot join the horse tour.

Cappadocia Horse Riding Tours Hints

Cappadocia riding tours are fun discovering tour which are always being done with safety precautions and are not expecting riding skills. For a comfortable tour you are supposed to take precautions by yourself such as wearing flat sole shoes and jacket or coat which depends on the seasonal conditions. Wearing a helmet is important for your safety while preparing to ride a horse. You can obtain all equipment including helmet from your horse ranches as inclusive in prices. Even you can join any time or any day to these tours, noontime is recommended by most of tour companies. On the other side, the most special type is sunset horseback riding.

Hope all your moment turn into unforgettable memories in this mysterious, beautiful and special geography.

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