Cappadocia Day Tours and Trips – Red Tours or Green Tours ?

Daily sightseeing tours in Cappadocia are carried out in the form of private tours and group tours. In private tours, the vehicle and guide are at your service. In group tours, it serves the group including you. If you have a special tour request, you can contact us for price information. Group tours cost 50€ per person and you can find the details below.

Features of Our Group Tours

  • We carry out our tours in small groups. Groups are for a maximum of 12 people.
  • Our vehicles are the latest model and comfortable.
  • We take the lunch break at selected restaurants.
  • Guidance service is provided by professional and experienced guides in the field.
  • Pick-up and drop-off from most regions of Cappadocia is provided free of charge.*
  • Museum and ruins entrance fees are included in the tour price.

Additional Information:

  • 0-3 years old free, 3-6 years half price, 6 years old and above full price.
  • *Transfer fee is charged for transportation from Mustafapaşa, Ayvali, Göre, Nar and Nevşehir centres.

If you are going to visit Cappadocia for the first time, you can make your trip more efficient with a little research before you go. A large area like Cappadocia has also been developed in terms of tourism. For this reason, the tour companies have found a formula, red tour, green tour and blue tour of Cappadocia to 3 regions were divided. In this way, if you are short of time or budget you can make a choice according to your own. If you have already arrived in Cappadocia, it is very reasonable to take advantage of these tour packages in order not to visit the places you have already seen and to lose time.

In all daily Cappadocia Tours, you will be picked up in the morning around 09.00-09.30 AM and tours will start around 10.00 AM. Pick up, transportation during the day, professional guiding, entrances and lunch are included in the price. ( Drinks are excluded )

Each of the color-separated tours is arranged according to the area, distance and entrance fee. In addition, one tour presents natural and historical buildings, while the other offers a tour plan with natural areas. Such differences lead to changes in price and duration of the tour.

You will hear the alternatives offered in red, blue and green rounds from almost every round in Cappadocia. There are even taxis providing tour services and you can travel with four people with your own family and friends by agreement with them.

Before providing details, we would like to provide quick advices.

  • If you have one day : Red Tour , because its central Cappadocia Tour
  • If you want to walk and hike : Green or Blue Tour
  • If you have kids : Red Tour is recommended.
  • Looking for romance : Green Tour because walking in Ihlara with your partner is memorable.
  • Interested in churches and monasteries : Blue Tour
  • Want to visit underground city : Green Tour , Derinkuyu Underground City

What are the differences between Red and Green?

Price and time of the agencies can vary in several destinations, the route can be separated from each other. Each of the red, blue and green tour options is accompanied by experienced and licensed guides. In addition, all tour prices include entrance fees to places to visit. Food is also included ( drinks are excluded )

Red tour areas: Uçhisar Castle, Open Air Museum, Çavuşin Rum Village, Paşabağ Valley, Devrent Valley, Pottery Workshop.

Green tour areas: Göreme Panaroma, Underground City, Pigeon Valley,Ihlara Valley, Yaprakhisar Panaroma , Onyx Workshop

Blue tour areas: Soğanlı Valley, Mustafapaşa Old Greek Village, Underground City, Şahinefendi Ancient City, Keşlik Monastery, Ürgüp Fairy Chimneys

Red Green and Blue Tours Prices

Red, green and blue tour prices that can vary in terms of price and places of difference around 50 Euros. Blue tour is the most expensive tour. This is caused by the distance between the destinations that cause this difference and the entrance fees. The Blue Tour, which is often located away from places to visit, is the most expensive option. Red tour price is 50 Euros, green tour price is 50 Euros and blue tour price is around 100 Euros.


If you would like to make a red,green or blue tours reservation (daily tours in cappadocia , all included) you can call, use Whatsapp or send an e-mail.

Call : 0 546 514 00 86 (Click to Call)
Whatsapp : 0 546 514 00 86 (Click to text on Whatsapp)
E-mail : info@kapadokyadayim.com (Click to send an e-mail)

Which tour should someone who loves nature prefer ?

For a nature lover, Cappadocia means being fascinated by the miracles of nature in every step of its way. But to be intertwined with nature and to breathe the fresh air of Cappadocia, you can choose the Green Tour, which is mostly in the open air, which allows you to walk for miles.

If we have only one day, which tour should we attend?

Due to its location, Cappadocia welcomes long-term guests as well as many daily visitors. Which tour to choose depends on the person’s taste. There are lots of aspects to be taken into consideration such as the places he has not seen before, and the most comprehensive features of Cappadocia. If you have only one day, you would like to go with the Red Tour

With Red Tour, also known as ” Region Tour ” , includes important places in Cappadocia. You will visit biggest museum of Cappadocia , Göreme Open Air Museum. You will also visit important points as, Uçhisar Castle, Love Valley and Avanos. Visiting three regions of Cappadocia, Göreme Uçhisar and Avanos, you will cover up most of central Cappadocia.

If we have children, which tour would be more suitable for us?

In Cappadocia, we can say that it won’t be too difficult when traveling with children. But when it comes to things like baby carriages, your trip can be a bit challenging. Red Tour is the most appropriate tour for the people with kids. There is less walking and hiking than other tour options.

Which tour is more suitable for romance and couples?

For the couples, Red Tour again might be a good option, visiting Love Valley but at the same time in Green Tour walking inside Ihlara Valley with your partner might be beautiful experience. Our recommendation is that , check the places inside Red and Green Tour , choose accordingly. If you are more nature lover and would like to visit underground city, choose Green Tour but if you would like to visit central Cappadocia, and enjoy Love Valley with your partner, choose Red Tour.

Which tour is better for which season?

Nearly all of the touristic activities in Cappadocia continue throughout the year. Therefore, there are no different tour options according to the seasons. Only when the weather is unfavorable, activities such as balloon tours and paragliding are often canceled. However, there is no problem in the red, blue and green laps of various regions of Cappadocia. With the cold of Cappadocia, you feel that you are trembling even when there is a sun on the hill. Therefore, if you are going to visit Cappadocia in the winter, you can prefer the Red Tour where you can visit more closed areas than others.

Keep also in mind below informations as well,

  • If you have phobia , do not choose Green Tour because you will enter into underground city where walking paths can be very small.
  • If you would like to do ATV or horse riding after tour, choose Red Tour because it finishes earlier and enables tourists to do sunset ATV Tour.
  • If you have 2 days, Red Tour and Green Tour are recommended. If you are interested much in history, please consider also Blue Tour.

In order to get more detailed information about the tour packages, you should do a good research and decide by setting priorities according to where you want to see. If possible, spend 2-3 days in Cappadocia and take a complete tour of Cappadocia using the different tour packages. Of course, do not forget to experience the nature activities of Cappadocia!

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