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  • Cappadocia Balloon Tours price is 150 Euro per person.
  • Balloon tours rise early in the morning. Sunrise Time.
  • Pick up from hotels are around 04.30 – 05.00 AM depending on the location of the Hotel.
  • Flight insurance, transportation and ceremony after the flight are included in the price
  • If Balloon tours are cancelled due to the weather and security issues, all of your payment is repaid.
  • Balloon tour is 2-3 hours of activity and 1 hour flight.
  • Your pick up time will be told before the flight date.
  • We advice you to book your balloon tour in advance because there may be full capacity.

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Cappadocia Balloon Tours

How about floating on air? Or looking down on the ordinary world a little? Rising among the clouds, and saying “I wonder if I can hold them?” But instead sitting on a seat of an airplane taking off an airport, doing it in a balloon where the wind sets the course? What’s more, doing it over a paradise, while Kızılırmak is flowing and waiting for a new day where fairy chimneys have been standing for millions of years… We’re talking about Cappadocia balloon tours. Since the share Cappadocia gets is the most beautiful sky in the world…

Cappadocia Balloon Tours

The Cappadocia balloon tour will probably be one of the most exciting adventures you will ever have in your life. You will listen to the fairy tale of the country of beautiful horses from the wind. If you want to celebrate a special day, if you are going to make a romantic marriage proposal or if you want to live a unique moment that will make you feel special. A balloon tour awaits you in other words, freedom in Cappadocia.

In this article, you will find answers to your questions such as how to go on a balloon tour, what the prices are and how safe it is.

Cappadocia Balloon Tours

Let’s remember that those who want to see the unique texture of Cappadocia from the sky need to set their alarm for the early hours of the morning. Because the balloons are hot air balloons and they cannot fly when it gets warmer. In Cappadocia, balloon companies pick up their guests from their hotels early in the morning and offer them breakfast. While guests are enjoying their breakfast, the balloon is slowly inflated and gets ready for the flight and the pilots inform them about flight safety. Then you get into the basket of the balloon and mix with the sky! Balloons, dream vehicles without wheels and helms, determine its course listening to the wind. So each flight is different and each route is independent from the other. The heights about which we say, ‘Do not compare them with the airplanes, but the wind’ range from 1000 to 1500 feet. In other words, the balloons can reach up to 900 meters. As you see sun rays meeting valleys, spreading in waves, fairy chimneys looking like camels below, 3 beauties, stone houses located on hillsides, your heart starts to beat faster and your mind takes a photo of this beautiful moment. At the end of your Cappadocia balloon tour which you never want to end, there is usually a celebration waiting for you. You can have a bottle of champagne made from local grapes, a medal, or a flight certificate during the celebration. Almost every balloon company in Cappadocia offer transfers to the hotels you are staying after the tour in addition to these activities.

Cappadocia Balloon Tours 2

What time are the morning flights of Cappadocia balloon tours?

There are basically two types of flights that companies offer for Cappadocia balloon tours. The first one is called 1st Sortie or the first flight where you can see the colors of the sunrise. The second one is called the late flight and the sun is said to have already risen and the color festival is gone. Therefore, the first flight is the one preferred mostly in Cappadocia.

The company you have chosen for the balloon tour will give you a phone call or send a message to tell you what time you need to be ready for the flight the day before. In the winter, flights usually take place between 5.00 – 5.30 in the morning and in the summer start at 6.30. You have to be ready for your transfer at least an hour before. It’s after 7.00 that you are transferred to your hotel.

Are Cappadocia Balloon Tours held every season?

Every season, Cappadocia experiences different beauties and different colors. This means balloon tours are held every month of the year whenever weather conditions are favorable. Since the wind speed should be no more than 11 km due to safety issues, there is no flight in rainy and stormy weather.

Cappadocia Balloon Tours 3

If the flights cannot be done due to adverse weather conditions, you can cancel the tour or transfer it to the next day. If you cancel your tour, you will be refunded without any deduction.

Where can you see in the region during the Cappadocia balloon tour?

You can see the places that hide all the jewels of Cappadocia such as Ürgüp, Göreme, Avanos between 4-20 km from a bird’s eye view in the balloon. Stone houses in between the streets, Uçhisar Castle, Kızılırmak meandering gently, Erciyes, the majesty of Mount Hasan as it gets closer, churches carved into the rocks, dovecotes where doves inhabit, valleys about to wake up, green vineyards and gardens, and of course fairy chimneys of the Cappadocian silhouette greets you as if in a fairy tale.

Are Cappadocia balloon tours safe?

Cappadocia balloon tours have been held for over 20 years. Flight teams of the firms consist of pilots equipped with FFA Civil Aviation hot balloon license. Balloons are frequently checked and examined according to the instructions specified by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation affiliated with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Flights in which security measures related to balloons are controlled are covered by compulsory flight insurance.

Cappadocia Balloon Tours 4

What are the prices of Cappadocia balloon tours?

Although the services they provide to their guests are the same, companies that organize balloon tours in Cappadocia can have different prices. The prices of the tours with an average flight time of 1 hour vary according to the season during the year. As Kapadokyadayim, we offer you the most reasonable price. The price of a balloon tour including 1 hour flight and lasting about 3 hours in total is around 150 euros. The average prices in Cappadocia vary between 250-300 euros in the season we are in. Prices vary according to the season we are in. We also recommend you take a look at the opportunity sites for the dates you plan to go to Cappadocia. Sometimes you can catch discount opportunities in flights and you can save money on your travel budget.

You cannot ride the balloon with your child under 6 years old. Children prices between 5-12 are also same to the adult prices because there is a limited capacity in each balloon and children also use that capacity. 

Cappadocia Balloon Tours 5

How many people can ride balloons in Cappadocia balloon tours?

The capacities of balloons in Cappadocia balloon tours can be different from each other. A balloon takes off with an average capacity of 10-20 people. If there are more participants in the tour, another balloon takes off.

What should you pay attention to when you go on a Cappadocia balloon tour?

  • The moments you will experience while you are in the balloon will be a unique experience that you will not be able to spot before take-off. Do not forget to buy a camera to immortalize these moments. You cannot stop taking photos of yourself in the basket, the clouds, and the Cappadocia lying along the ground.
  • The early hours of the day are cool in Cappadocia. Especially if the season is autumn and winter, you will feel colder due to cold air waves as you go upwards. Therefore, we recommend you wear warmer than usual in summer or winter. Also remember that you should choose the shoes that will not bite you when you are standing for at least an hour since the balloons do not have seats.

What are the companies that organize Cappadocia balloon tours?

There are many companies that organize balloon tours but we have the minimum price guarantee as 150 Euros per person.  (which may change during the season) .

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